We’re building ChipX

We’re limiting entry to 5,000 people.

Build it with us and access it from £5 a month.


This last year has been a big one at ChipHQ. We broke the record for the biggest crowdraise in UK history, grew to 90,000 users & even helped people save up for everything from engagement rings to holidays.

But this year is going to be bigger. And we want you to be a part of that.

You may have heard of ChipX. It’s a bigger, better version of Chip and we want you to build it with us.

ChipX enables savers to save better, & those who use Chip to spend better to… well, spend even better.

Have a look below what we’d like to include and sign up for first access.


Become a member of ChipX to access:

Please note! Chip cards are limited to 5,000 people.

🏆 Multiple goals (segment your savings into different goals and track your future)

🔐 Lock-in bonus (automatically adding 0.25% interest if you don’t withdraw for 90 days)

🚀 Community lending (lend money to other vetted savers and earn a target of 8%)

👫 Squad goals (save up together and track each others progress)

⚫️ XDark mode (turn your Chip screen black and gold…)

💸 Smart deals (we’ve partnered with other fintechs to get you exclusive rates on insurance, energy & credit)

📈Free £500 plugin overdraft (every time you hit zero in your current account Chip will use smart credit to pull you out)

📞Chip Concierge (exclusive inapp concierge service just for you offering financial plans and strategies)