Winning Wednesdays

Ugh. It’s the middle of the week. Last weekend feels like a distant memory. Next weekend feels almost impossibly far away.
You’ve got a vague feeling you’ve spent too much and you’re not saving enough. You’re tired and down, but not quite out.

But we’ve got something to lift your spirits. #WinningWednesdays

Win back your spending, every Wednesday 💸

Every Wednesday for the princely sum of 50p (taken from your Chip balance) we’ll give you the chance to win back the value of a random purchase you’ve made in the past 30 days…T&Cs apply

What’s the catch? 🧐

You just need to remember a few details about what you spent, where you spent it and when you spent it.
Should be easy. Right?

Win win 🎉

If you cant remember what you’ve spent, and don’t win your money back, we’ll ask if you’d like to make a saving the value of a transaction you’ve made in the past month.