Meet Chip 2.0

After working alongside our savers, 3000 investors and Chip Champions for the last 18 months the moment is nearly here! We're excited to announce the launch of our shiny new app is just around the corner. Here you'll find everything you need to know about new features, updates and how to get the most out of Chip 2.0...





With Chip 2.0, there's no more waiting around! Put money away instantly at the click of a button and watch it go straight into your Chip savings account.

In order to activate Instant Saves you must connect your debit card in the profile tab. (You must verify your account before you can earn a bonus rate on your savings.)

AI Enhancement 


We've analysed 80 million transactions over the last 18 months to make Chip 2.0 smarter than ever.

With our new 'Dynamic goals' feature, you´ll be able use our AI to save up for more of the things you really want.

We´ve created ´Dynamic goals' so you can adapt your saving habits whenever you circumstances change. 

Our AI will warn you if your goal goes off track and show you an achievable goal date so can have even more control over your saving and spending.


Stash Button

With Chip 2.0's new 'Stash' button you can reward your improved spending habits.

We wanted to make our shiny new app even more interactive, so now you can make small manual saves for good spending behavior. 

With stash it's easy to reward yourself for giving up your favourite sins. Resisted that weekly takeaway? Just hit the pizza. Avoided that after work drink? Hit the beer.

Stash is just another way we're helping you to save more money than ever before. 



Our aim is to make your saving journey as easy as possible. So, we've created your own personal profile page where you can access your important info with the click of a button.

Find all your personal and account information, live chat and helpdesk.




Squad goals

We've made Chip 2.0 social. 

Developed with our Chip Community in mind, we wanted our savers to be able to save up for things with the people they care about. 

That´s why we created 'Squad Goals'. So the next time you´re saving up for that big night out, holiday in the sun or even just a rainy day, you can do it together. 

Just invite a friend from your contacts to join a 'Squad Goal'. You'll be able to interact and motivate each other, helping make saving up as fun as spending. You can keep track of each member's progress and we'll show you how close your 'squad' is to reaching the target.



circle 2.png

ChipX is an exclusive community of our savers accessed through the Chip 2.0 app. It's been designed with our savers in mind to give you an even better return on your savings. 

As a ChipX member, you´ll have access to a number of premium features to help you boost your savings and get the most out of your Chip account. These include multiple goals, unlimited saves, Lockin bonus and a double referral bonus.

ChipX will also grant you exclusive access to our lending platform and our plug-in overdraft feature when they are launched in a few months time.

All Chip 2.0 users will be given a one month free trial of ChipX.


Projected future savings (Coming soon)

With Chip 2.0 you'll have even more control over your savings thanks to our new super smart AI and analytics features.

A drop down tab on your homepage clearly maps out projected future savings and returns based on Chip's enhanced analysis of your spending habits. 

You can stay in control of your savings by accessing your bonus rate, average save information and total amount saved at the click of a button.