Let’s switch your connected bank account!

You’re at the front of the queue, let’s get you switched over. But first, please read everything below carefully before we change the bank you’ve connected to Chip.

Our latest update enables you to connect to Chip using just your bank card. This allows you to get set up with Chip quickly and easily, no matter who you bank with.

As you know, this means you can now connect to Chip with the brilliant challenger banks (Monzo, Starling, Revolut and N26).

This is huge news, but it does mean if you connect with one of the new challenger banks, your saves work a little differently - read all about it here in our shiny new forum…


How we calculate saves with Monzo, Starling, Revolut and N26

As you connect using just your bank card, we don’t have access to your transaction data.

Instead, we use average data from all Chip savers (we’ve analysed well over 180 million transactions). We cross reference this data against your profile (age, your bank, where you live, etc…), to calculate how much you should put aside.

We hope you won’t even notice the difference. We think it’s a pretty smart algorithm!

Of course the automatic saves are not personalised using your data, but this is something we’re working towards. Though you’ll still be able to tweak your savings level in your account settings

Also importantly, whilst we’re pretty confident Chip won’t take you into your overdraft, we can’t guarantee it with these banks (but again, we’re working on it!). You’ll always have the chance to cancel any saves before the money leaves your bank account.

Still good to switch?

We’ve finished switching the Monzo queue over now, please head to Live Chat or drop us a line at hello@getchip.uk if you’d still like to switch your bank.