Refer a friend and enter the Chip Summer Lottery:

🏖 1 user will win a dream holiday!

✈️ 10 users will win £100 (enough to fly somewhere nice).

📈 50 users will win 3% bonus rate in Chip.

... and don't forget you also get 1% bonus rate for every friend you sign up anyway!

This entry closes on 12pm Friday 13th (😳) April... You have 3 days to share and share and share away! Good luck.

Wanna know why we're doing this? Read on...


At Chip HQ we have all spent the last few days fed up with this weather! It's not fair. We want it to be Spring already ☀️! That's why we want to take our mind's off the outside and run a Summer Lottery inside Chip!

For the next 3 days we will be giving away some amazing prizes to 'fast forward' summer for some lucky users.

To enter the lottery you just have to refer a friend to sign up to Chip, and you will then get an entry into the draw! So one friend = one ticket, 2 friends signed up = 2 tickets etc. etc! The more friends you sign up with your code the more chance you have on going on a dream holiday! Just enter the "Free Money" section of the app to share your code.

Not only will you be in with a chance of winning an amazing holiday BUT you will also help your friend to start stashing away cash without feeling it. Win WIN WIN!

We want as many people as possible to hit the summer running with some cash in their Chip accounts. What better way than to give an amazing holiday to some users.

Good luck! And enjoy the sun (whenever it arrives for you).

Your friends,

Team Chip

T & C's

1. You receive 1 entrance to the prize draw by referring 1 friend to Chip.

2. There is no limit to the amount of entries per person.

3. Entrance closes at 12pm on Friday 13th April 2018.

4. This promotion does not alter any other terms or promotions already running within the app Chip.

5. "A dream holiday" is defined as £1000 towards a holiday of your choice.

6. 10 users will have £100 added to their Chip accounts.

7. 50 users will have their bonus rate boosted to 3% (regardless of what current rate they are on).

8. A successful referral is defined as a user (referree) fully signing up to Chip and connecting their bank in order for automatic saving to begin - and then using a "promo code" to positively identify a referral from an individual user (refferer). 

9. This promotion is limited to the users of the app Chip owned by Chip Financial Ltd.