Connect multiple accounts to Chip…meet Plus1

For just £1.50 per account

Take control of your savings 💪

We here at Chip are once again breaking the mould of the FinTech industry and putting banks to shame by introducing our new analytical saving tool: Plus1. Our AI-powered algorithm expands on your current saving techniques by uncovering the behind the scenes data on your Chip account to help pinpoint where you spend money on a day to day basis. In one simple and easy to use page you will find your current Chip balance accompanied with a detailed graph breaking down your monthly spending habits! 🕵️

Rosie jumping for joy after saving £1,300 for her holiday in the Caribbean.

Rosie jumping for joy after saving £1,300 for her holiday in the Caribbean.


Want to see how you stack up against your friends? 🥇

The new VsChip feature compares your saving with your connected friends on Chip to see how much better (or worse 😭) your saving journey is going! Simply refer your friends to the app in order to grow your own personal roster to see who comes on on top. May the odds be ever in your favour ✌️


Spending Trends 💸

Curious as to what the rest of the Chip community is spending their money on? Once a month they will crown the most popular transaction in the Chip community!

Be it Uber, McDonalds or PureGym, you as the community decide who takes the crown! 👑


#ChipOrBust? 🤷‍♀️

Stuck fantasising about not paying that pesky rent and blowing it all on something useless, like Freddos or Pokemon cards? Check how many you could buy for fun by asking our AI: #ChipOrBust?

Compare any amount with our large database of everyday items, from apples to pears! 🍎


Breakdown your Spending into Specific Categories 🔎

Have your everyday spending broken down into manageable categories that you can keep track of in order to stay ahead of your saving! Enjoy a flat white coffee whilst it is filed under ‘Café & Restaurants’, or chill out in front of the latest blockbuster knowing that your ticket will be shown in your Chip account under ‘Movies & Music’ 🍿