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Welcome to ChipX. Pre-registration is now open so we can begin the vetting process.

what is X?

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ChipX is an exclusive community of savers. It has been designed with you in mind to give you an even better return on your savings. As a ChipX member, you´ll have access to a number of premium features to help you boost your savings and get the most out of your Chip account.

This includes access to our ChipX saver2saver lending platform. Developed for the ChipX community to borrow at better rates and lend for a better return on their savings. ChipX users will also receive new savings' bonuses, benefit from unlimited deposits and increase their saving potential with 'Dynamic' goals.


Maximum returns, ethically sourced.

Expensive bank overdrafts are a huge problem that stop thousands of people breaking free of debt and spending their money on the things that matter to them. That's why we created ChipX. 

ChipX's plug-in overdraft aims to be around 20% cheaper than the average bank overdraft. It will be open to approved ChipX savers and funded by fellow ChipX customers looking to get up to a 7% return on a low risk investment. We're taking the power away from the banks and putting it back into our savers hands. 

Saver2saver lending is just one of the ways ChipX can help you.

As a ChipX member you'll also be granted access to a number of savings boosting features:

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ChipX Features

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reaching our full potential

Keeping the Chip X system secure and all our members vetted and approved is our priority.  Access to Chip X will cost £1.99 per month so we can give our savers best possible service and continue building the best savings account in the world. 

During the vetting process all prospective ChipX savers will gain a 3 month free trial with all features except lending or borrowing.

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