Meet Chip

Meet Chip! The money app which is going viral across the UK!

Chip makes saving money easy. It works out what you can afford to save and stashes your money away for you. With just a few small saves each week you can save up for that dream holiday, the car you’ve always wanted or even just keep it for a rainy day. 👏

Chip is already changing the way tens of thousands of people are living their lives.

How does it work?

Chip’s advanced AI works out what you can afford to put away without it having an impact on your lifestyle. By analysing your current account, Chip can adjust the amount it stashes away for you based on your spending behaviour. Pretty neat right? 😎


Why do we want to help?

At Chip, we want our savers to live their best life. Our aim is to help more people spend their money on the things that really matter to them. 

Whatever your goal, whether it’s the perfect wedding, a night out with friends or to get out of your overdraft, Chip can help you to achieve it. 

Helping people afford the things they really want and hearing about their life-changing experiences is one of the perks of the job...


Meet Liv...

She’s 27. A part-time nanny and Yoga instructor. 

Liv got Chip last year to save up for a holiday to Asia with her boyfriend. 

Not only did she reach her goal, she had such a good time that she got in touch to say thanks. She even sent us some super cute snaps from her hols. 

Read her full story...