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Having analysed 80million transactions the new Chip logo represents the financial curve of our Chip Savers. The eye (top left) shows the peak of the financial month (payday!) and the smile (bottom curve) represents the end of the month.


One of Chip’s main values is to help people’s finances work around their life. We understand that life is complicated but Chip should be able to optimise your finances automatically regardless where you’re at on the curve.

The new Chip logo represents an extension of what we think Chip is about. Chip is about empowering you to live a life you want to lead. Technology is enormously powerful and should be able to help you (automatically!) to make the most of the your money, wherever you are on the monthly spending curve! (further reading about this here).

New wall sign… 👀

New wall sign… 👀

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Lastly… it’s obviously a winky smiley! Chip has a very defined tone of voice and we’re very proud of it. It’s our opinion that there is too much jargon in banking - it often seems like the words they use are meant to confuse you (see this clip from The Big Short). Chip is the antithesis to that. It speaks plainly, cheekily and never patronises you! We’ll be releasing a guide to Chip’s (the business and the bot) tone of voice soon for more info. But the logo fundamentally represents that banking can, and should, be done differently.

ps. if you’re interested in knowing; the Chip green is hex code: #07CEB3 🖼

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