Why you need instant saves in your life

One of the most useful changes that came with our latest update was instant (or same day) saves.

We explain why instant saving is the future, and why you should connect your card to Chip and start saving instantly.

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Save faster 🏃💨

Your money will now be moved into your account on the same day...no more ‘pending’ time.

Manual saves will hit your Chip account instantly, faster than you can say ‘manual save'.

Spend sooner 💸

It’s your money, we think you should be able to get it whenever you want.

So now you can get your money back into your connected bank account instantly, and no later than within the same working day.


More control 🕹️

Move your money in and out of your Chip account instantly, don’t worry about it being stuck in pending or for direct debits to clear.

And you still have between 9am - 4pm and to cancel automatic saves.

Improved security 🔒

Have complete visibility over where your money is, and easily verify if it’s in your bank or Chip account.

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It’s super easy to set up! 💳

Just open Chip and head to Account > Connected account > Bank card and add the debit card linked to the bank account you've connected to Chip. 

You can even just take a picture of it, instead of messing around typing out your card number and expiry dates. The future is now.

New savers, you can just connect your bank card when you sign up. Easy as that.


Still not got Chip 2.0? It’s time to upgrade

Chip has a hot new look, but it’s much more than that, we’ve fixed a lot of the behind the scenes issues and made a much more stable app that’s ready for the future!