Ideas of the week… 


1. Multiple goals

1. Multiple goals

Organise your saving so you hit your goals:

  • Save your money into more than one goal pot

  • Allocate the % of each save you want to hit each goal

  • Easy interface to track and oversee your progress

Birthday, holiday, rainy day fund…Over 20,000 Chip savers have
achieved a savings goal since joining. With multiple goals, you
can now split, allocate and hit your goals simultaneously,
automatically and effectively.


2. Smart deals

2. smart deals

At Chip, we make data-driven decisions to help make our users’
savings better. We have teamed up with partners to help you
automate your financial life beyond saving. Chip will:

  • Make a data-driven recommendation over
    your insurance, energy and credit

  • Notify you of the save you could make through switching

  • Automatically switch you to cheaper energy provider if you
    approve (through our friends Labrador!)

Save more money each year on those things you never get
round to, automate your financial decisions and stay in control.




Use Chip ‘If This Then That’ integration:

  • Create your own instructions between Chip and your life:
    “Every time I walk to work, save my tube fare in Chip”

  • Motivate others in your life by sharing your save journey:
    “Every time I save for our holiday, send
    a text to my boyfriend.”

  • Have fun with your savings:
    “Every time I get home, save £1 in Chip.”

The possibilities are endless. What would you do?


4. Group goals

4. Group Goals

Squad Goals, share your save journey towards a goal with friends:

  • Invite your friends to save towards the same goal

  • Track how they are getting on

  • Motivate each other to save more in the app

The only thing better than hitting your targets on your
own, is doing it with your squad.


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