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Beta access request

Please only request access to features that are relevant to your own financial behavior. Only request access if you are happy to offer extensive feedback when using the feature.

Group savings

We're making saving social.

You know that feeling when someone's making plans and a new Whatsapp group is formed? We want to make saving up for something, as a group, easy.

All you’ll need to do is create a group goal in Chip and share the link with your friends.

Next stop... that dream holiday!


Overdraft protection

Overdrafts are killing our ability to be good with money. It's a slippery slope, expensive & completely lacking in transparency.

We’re testing a great feature that will stop you from going into your bank overdraft.

Every time you approach zero in your current account Chip will kick in and load your current account with money to stop you going overdrawn. It pays itself back automatically and there are no hidden fees.

It will be the modern solution to the overdraft and we couldn’t be more excited for you to try it.


New bonus system

Don't worry this won't change your existing bonus rates! But, we're looking at other ways to improve the bonus you can earn on Chip savings.

We’ve taken your feedback onboard and understand some people find it hard to invite friends - so we're on it!

We’d like to try a new approach that rewards you for keeping your savings saved!



Savings marketplace

We're determined to build the best savings account in the world and that means looking at where your savings are held too.

We're planning to trial a marketplace that will provide a 360 view of the best savings and investment accounts on the market. Everything from ISA's to pensions this marketplace will give you the flexibility to allocate your funds in a way that helps you hit your personal goals.

This is just the start...

We'll be announcing a load more features and ideas we need testers for.

Make sure you keep an eye on the Chip Investors Facebook group for announcements.

If you have any ideas yourself don't hesitate to let us know at