Help us write FAQs for 2.0

We’ll be launching Chip 2.0 to the general public very soon. We’ve fixed most of the bugs and the feedback has been great (thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to report bugs). Exciting times!

We want the move from v1 to 2.0 to go smoothly as possible for everyone, so we need your help one last time. We’d like to make a handy FAQ guide to answer any questions Chip savers might have about 2.0.

If you can think of anything you would have liked for us to have explained before you got 2.0, please let us know. Just send in your suggestions on the form below.

Bear in mind 2.0 won’t be quite as complicated to set up for most people as it was for you Beta testers - the app will either just automatically update or it can be done directly in the App/Play Store.

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Please keep them relevant to Chip 2.0 (we're pretty good with most trivia, but sadly we're not all knowing)