Beta board: Fixes

This page is designed purely with transparency in mind. We want to make it as clear as possible to our Investors and beta testers what we are fixing and in what order. Below are a list of the major bug fixes currently being worked on by our development team. The list is in order of priority.


1 - Autosaves

Some of our beta users are not receiving autosaves. As this is the basic functionality of Chip, this fix is our priority. No other bug fixes will take place until we have you saving without feeling it.

Our developers did make an autosave fix, however we have since found a problem with the frequency of saves; this is what we are working on now.


2 - Manual Saves

Most beta users will be able to manual save. Those who can’t will be having issues with their bank-card verification link. This has been noted by the developers and the fix is next on our priority list before fixing manual saves for bank connected beta testers.


3 - Verification

Unfortunately some of our testers and able to autosave or manual save because they are being told they are ‘not verified.’ There are a plethora of possible reasons for this. Getting users who can not connect to the visa is third in our priority list as we need the basic functionality of the beta working before we concentrate on getting users on to it.

If you have a bug not listed above, please fill in the below form and we will get back to you ASAP with what we know about your problem.

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