Chip 2.0: The final countdown

Chip 2.0 is in the final stage of testing and our release date is in touching distance, but what is all the fuss about?

WHAT IS CHIP 2.0? 📱📲

Chip 2.0 is our completely redesigned version of Chip.

It’s built on an entirely new tech stack so it’s easier for us to release new features.

The first rollout will offer the core functionality from v1, plus some vital improvements.

The new features 🚀

Same day saves

You can now connect your debit card to Chip, which means saves will now be moved into your account on the same more ‘pending’ time.

With automatic saves you will still be notified at 9am and have until 4pm to cancel it. After this, the automatic save will hit your Chip account straight away.

Manual saves will hit your Chip account instantly, maybe even faster than you can say ‘manual save'.

New user interface

We have redesigned the colour and layout of the app to make it a bit more slick and easy to use. It is a little different to the Chatbot, but we’ve kept a lot of the Chip you know and love.

Activity feed and graph

As part of the redesign you can now see your entire Chip activity history on the dropdown menu on the home screen. There’s a graph to show your save history, so you can track your progress more easily.

The originals ⚡️

Of course, you will still be able to use all the features you use already:

  • Automatic saving

  • Manual saving

  • Bonus rate

  • Referrals

  • Same day withdrawals

  • Goals (including all goals from before the update)


Chip 2.0 is being tested by our final batch of 2,000 beta testers (heroes). They have been selected from our investor community and are giving us the feedback we need to ensure a stable app on release day.

If you are a beta tester and you need to report an issue, then visit our JIRA service desk and let us know there.


To ensure the migration from v1 to Chip 2.0 is as smooth as possible, we decided to keep our premium features up our sleeve for the time being. All of the features below have been tested in some capacity by our original beta testers:

  • Double referral

  • Lockin bonus

  • Multiple goals

  • Squad goals

  • Unlimited saves

  • Goal end date


Want to have your say in how we build Chip 2.0? Or if you like the look of the features above and want to know more about them, join the 10,000 strong ChipMunk community.

When can I get 2.0? 👀

Once we’re happy with this next round of testing we will roll out the new version to the entire Chip community. We can’t disclose our release date yet, but it’s coming very soon!