Meet Chip's new writer


G’day guys,

I’m Sheridan - Chip’s new Content Writer. I’ll be writing, well, the content, so get used to seeing my pasty mug next to the blog posts on the Chip website!

I always like to introduce myself with the patriotic ‘g’day’ as a subtle segway into revealing I’m Australian, having traded in the lamingtons for scones in the pursuit of something new.

With a background in marketing and journalism, I’m looking forward to writing about all things Chip, ideally while eating chips - occasionally of the sweet potato kind when I’m feeling extra devilish.

Likes: writing words, reading words, peanut butter, the star emoji, cool pants, espresso martinis, travelling (so predictable), a carefully articulated Spotify playlist, food related activities and having a ‘laff’ (am I using that right?). I also have my own blog, Never Regular, where I post frivolous tales and unsolicited anecdotes.


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