The future of Chip

Why you will now need to connect your card to keep using Chip


So, you’ll have heard a lot about ‘instant saves’ and ‘connecting your card’ in the past few weeks.

If all this has passed you by, you can now connect your card to Chip, which is good for a few reasons:

  • 🏃 Save faster - your saves will reach Chip instantly (you still have between 9am and 4pm to cancel an automatic save)

  • 💸 Spend sooner - enjoy your money right away, no need to wait 2-3 days for it to reach your bank account

  • 🕹️ More control - your money right where you want it

  • 🔒 Improved security - complete visibility over your cash all the time

You will need to connect your card to keep using Chip

We used to move your money via Direct Debit, but our big Chip 2.0 update introduced ‘instant saves’, which move your money via card payment (but you need to connect your card).

We’ve tested the two systems over the past six weeks and basically found that everything, absolutely everything, works better for our savers who have connected their card.

And as it’ll get increasingly difficult for us to maintain two systems as we grow, we’re going to phase out Direct Debits and only support card payments.


We’re not quite sure when we’ll be phasing them out entirely (this news is hot off the press today), but our engineering team won’t be working on Direct Debit fixes from now on.

So, if you encounter any issues with your saves and you’ve not connected your card, the customer service team might recommend simply connecting your card as a solution.

How to connect your card ⚡💳

Just open Chip and head to Account > Connected account > Bank card and add the debit card for the bank account you've connected to Chip. (5).gif

You can even just take a picture of it, instead of messing around typing out your card number and expiry dates.

What’s so great about card payments? 💸

The bottom line is moving money as a card payment is far less complicated. Your money is usually moved instantly, and always within the same working day. We go into more detail and explain all the benefits here.

We’ve also found that our tech runs much more smoothly once debit cards are plugged in.

Without going into too much detail (for security and trade secret reasons), card connection makes Chip a much more stable and secure app, and massively reduces the number of possible bugs that could pop up.

What’s wrong with Direct Debit? 🐌

To put it simply; they’re far too slow.

It takes around 2-3 days to move the money back and forth via Direct Debit. So, to give you (and us) accurate visibility over your money, involved some complicated behind the scenes tech to predict where the money is.

This worked fine for the big banks that developed and designed Direct Debits, but we wanted to find a better, simpler way to move money. And with card payments, we’ve found it.