Chip is growing!


It’s exciting times for Chip, we’re going to see a few new faces join the team, so say a big ‘whale hello there’ to Tom!


Tom - content

Tom is our new Head of Content and has spent the past six years writing about consumer finance for the likes of Experian, Zoopla and uSwitch.

He knows a thing or two about managing money and has a way with words. So, if you need someone to tell you anything you want to know about borrowing, saving and banking, and then write you an amusing short story, he’s your guy.

When he’s not smashing out words for Chip, Tom likes to go on epic cycle tours (his last big tour took him from Greece back to London).

Here he is staring out at the Greek countryside with his bike.

Here he is staring out at the Greek countryside with his bike.

And he’s got a mad plan to use his looming 6’9 (206cm) height to get cast in movies as some variety of henchman. He is learning some stage fighting techniques so he can professionally play fight. Watch the video below to see him in action.

We’ve got big plans for 2019

After breaking records with our crowdfund at the end of 2018, we’ve committed to some big plans this year.

To make them happen, we’re hoping to see lots more bright, talented and fun people join us at Chip HQ. So expect to see a few more welcome posts in the coming months

If you’d like to join the team behind Chip take a look at our careers site.