Lee is student loan free!

Meet Lee. She graduated from university in 2004 and has been giving up a large part of her wage to pay it off EVERY month, ever since. 

That's 14 years of being a slave to her Student Loan Company. 14 years! 

Now, with the help of Chip, Lee is finally free from her student debt. 

She got in touch with us to says thanks and tell us a little bit about her Chip journey...

So here it is...

"I was on the lookout for anything that could help me improve my saving when I came across Chip," Lee told us.

"I was drawn to the notion that Chip helps people save automatically and decided to give it a go.


"I remember thinking, if this app gets rid of all that lingering debt it will change my life."

Surely enough, with a little patience and determination, Chip helped her to achieve her goal. 😎

Lee says what she loved most about her Chip journey was the automatic app's AI and the fact that for the first time she could really save up without having to think about it.

“I love the app, I love how easy it is to use. It’s a ‘set it and forget it’ system. The tone of the communications is great and engaging and I think the Chip team are doing a great job."

In fact, Lee loves Chip so much, she' already set up a brand new goal which she hopes to reach by next year. 🙌

“Since paying off my student loan, I’ve set up a new goal," she told us. "I’m starting my daughter at Stagecoach theatre school which isn’t cheap - so I have a goal in place to save the fees for that for the next year.”

Thanks so much for sharing your story Lee! Your Chip journey really made us all smile over here at Chip HQ.

In fact, every Chip story makes us happy, so don't be shy and send them our way. We love getting to know our savers and hearing about what Chip is helping them to achieve. 

If you've got a story you'd like to share with us, then drop us a line at hello@getchip.uk. 💌