Steph's summer abroad

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Meet Steph. As a student, she'd constantly struggled with saving.

Steph had always planned to go travelling around Europe after graduating but with expensive student loans to start paying off this was looking less and less likely.

That was, until she found Chip.

This is her story. 

Exploring Europe after finishing my degree was something I'd always wanted to tick off my bucket list. It wasn't until I was heading into my final year that I realised I was going to seriously struggle to afford it. 

Then, around October, I found out about Chip and decided to give it a go. Three months in and I couldn't believe how much I'd saved without even trying. After five months, I actually started planning my trip.

Chip's intelligent saving algorithm and adaptable saving level meant I never had to cancel a save. I was constantly building up my fund even when my bank balance was low. 

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I even had enough to rent a small camper van to drive along the Spanish coast, making unforgettable memories along the way. 

It's thanks to Chip that I was able to spend my last summer before going into full time work doing what I'd always dreamed of.

Thanks Chip. I really couldn't have done it without you!