Beth's Ibiza Weekender

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Meet Beth. Beth is 27 and works in TV. She lives in London and earns good money but she STILL struggles to stash money away every month. 

Why? Because let’s face it, spending is just more fun than saving!

The problem with that simple fact is, it leaves you with little money left over for emergencies, or in this particular case, spontaneous trips to the Med.

With a month to go, Beth downloaded Chip and (spoiler alert) she made it to Ibiza.

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This is how she made it happen…

I’ve always wanted to put a little away every month, but, especially over summer, I can easily spend my entire paycheck. Cue me desperately waiting for the next one to land in my account. 

Being so used to this routine, I was a little disappointed when my friends suggested an impromptu trip over to Ibiza for a weekend break. They were planning to go in just under two months time. Fantastic. 🙄

While I had enough left from my paycheck for flights and accommodation, it didn’t seem likely that I was going to be able to save up the £200 or so I’d need for spending money on the notoriously pricey island in such a small amount of time. It would also mean seriously cutting back for the next few weeks. 😤

When I asked the others how they were saving enough each month to be able to book a spontaneous weekend (and not a cheap one) at such late notice, one friend Alice told me she'd been saving up with Chip for a few months. 

Alice had put away more than enough for the entire break and claimed she hadn’t really noticed that she was saving over the course of four months. I'll admit I was intrigued but I also wasn’t sure how I was realistically going to save enough in time. 

I downloaded Chip anyway and set my save amount to the maximum level possible. (This means its clever algorithm stashes away as much as it feels it can do, into my Chip savings account.)

To be perfectly honest I was worried that the saves would be too much for my dwindling bank account to take — but I was pleasantly surprised. 

Even on the maximum save amount, Chip’s saves mirrored my regular spending. They were no more than a trip to the supermarket or picking up a few toiletries here and there. I never had to cancel a save! 

After a month and a half I’d saved up £150 and was no longer worrying about the weekend, I could just look forward to it. All thanks to Chip! 

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Even though the trip has been and gone, I've kept on using Chip.

I've lowered my save level and I'm putting away a little less each week, but i know I'll still have a healthy little present stash saved up in time for Christmas...

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