Chip's got a new HQ

Last week was a pretty busy one. Not only were we working around the clock getting ready for the launch of Chip 2.0 — we also moved to our brand new offices in Shoreditch. 

On Wednesday morning, we packed up and said a fond farewell to our place in Angel. 

We didn’t have enough room for our growing team and space was becoming a little bit of an issue. 


So, after saying our goodbyes we headed a few miles east to our spacious new office and it’s safe to say we all love it. 

Here we are hard at work... 


Our CMO Alex was the first to explore the area as he headed off on a mission to find the perfect bacon sandwich to send to a few of our lucky investors.

Here he is about to tuck into the first sarnie. 


Now we're all settled in we can't wait to make some memories in our new home.

With the launch of Chip 2.0 just around the corner, we're sure some pretty big things are about to happen here...