Meet Donald

DONALD M_009.jpg

This is Donald, he’s Head of Customer Success here at Chip.

What that really means is — he’s the person who keeps our savers happy.  If you’re on our live chat then Donald is at the other end! 

He really does have ALL the answers and helps our savers out with any queries. He’s also on the other side when our savers get in touch through email and social media.

Thanks for always being there Donald! 

He's been working at Chip since September 2017. Here's what he has to say about us...

“What I enjoy most about my role in Chip is the opportunity not only to help others save, but to make them happy savers. We all need a bit more happiness.”

As well as our live chat hero, Donald is professionally trained musical-theatre performer.

West Side Story.jpg

He loves all things French and is on a lifelong mission to find the perfect product to tame his curly hair.