Tom's overdraft escape


Meet Tom, he’s been struggling for years to get out of his overdraft.

He downloaded Chip to try and save a little extra each week before he discovered our amazing overdraft saving feature.

A year and a half later, Tom's overdraft is no longer holding him back and he's putting his weekly Chip saves towards the things he loves instead.

After reaching his goal and finding himself free from debt worry for the first time in a long time, he got in touch with us to say thanks. 

Here’s his story.

I’ve always hated missing out on things my friends are doing. Lads' holidays, nights out etc. So I’d do everything possible to keep up — even if this meant spending way out of my budget.

Not the smartest idea really, as I was racking up a pretty substantial amount of debt with most of my monthly income going towards rent and paying it off. 

A friend of mine had been saving up for a holiday with Chip and told me to give it a go. He said I wouldn’t really notice the saves and I’d finally be able to put away a little bit of cash each week. Great stuff!

After downloading the app I switched on overdraft saving and without even thinking about it, I was able to build up a healthy savings stash despite dipping in and out of my overdraft.

If you’d told me a year and a half ago that I’d have saved up for a new TV to watch the World Cup (and not just feel like I'm drowning in my overdraft), there’s no way I’d have believed you. But here I am. 

Thanks Chip!