Say hello to Tali


This is Tali, she’s our Head of Operations and pretty much runs the show here at Chip HQ. She project manages the development of the app to make it even better for our happy savers. Hurray!

She also manages our customer support dept and ensures that everything at Chip HQ is running smoothly. Thanks Tali! 👍

Here's our favourite Head of Ops hard at work...


And here...


And here she is on the tube with our CEO Simon (after the Chip Christmas party)...🙈 


When she's not at Chip HQ, Tali likes to play softball. She's actually pretty good! 

Here she is scoring a home run for her team 'The Tecumsehs'. 💪


Tali joined Chip back in November 2016 and it really wouldn't be the same without her.

This is what she had to say about working at the best savings app in the world.

"What I love most about Chip is the working environment we’ve created. We work hard and have fun as a team." 

Thanks Tali! We ❤️you too.