The queue for ChipX

We’re anticipating huge demand for ChipX, so we’ll need to initially limit availability. Our investor community will be able to skip the queue and gain early access to ChipX, but we’ll roll it out to everyone as soon as we can.

Images for illustrative purposes only.

Images for illustrative purposes only.

What is chipX?

ChipX is our returns engine. It’ll give the Chip community the ability to enjoy returns of 2-8% (and possibly more) on their money.

It will be a marketplace where you’ll be able to effortlessly move money between a range of returns products, like; P2Ps, bonds, ethical investment funds, and Chip’s very own CommunityLending.

Learn more about ChipX here.


Why is there a queue for ChipX?

When we launched the first part of ChipX (CommunityLending) in May 2019, and the first Chip savers started earning returns of up to 9.6%, we were swamped with requests for access to it.

We’re growing fast, but the reality is we’re still a small team and we’d rather offer a manageable number of people a great service, than do too much, too soon.

But we believe that ChipX should be for everyone, whether they have £10 or £100,000 saved up, and we will be rolling it out as soon as we’re ready to handle the demand.


How to skip the queue

Our 9,000 strong investor community will receive an access code via email when we start rolling out ChipX in the coming months.

If you’re an investor, as soon as you receive your code, simply enter it in the box on your ChipX tab and ChipX will be unlocked for you.

If you’re not an investor, you’re automatically enrolled in the queue and we’ll open ChipX up to you when it’s ready to scale.

We do have plans to offer members of the Chip community (the ChipMunks will be the first to know) a few chances to skip the ChipX queue, keep your eyes peeled!


Want to know more?

Apply to become a ChipMunk, or head to our community forum, to join the conversation with the Chip team, and other Chip savers and investors.