ChipMunk Highlights

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The second feature in our Xplainer series…Limiting Risk, Loving Reward. Our ChipMunks were the first to hear about the ways Chip will look to protect our saver’s ChipX balance. Also in this article were exclusive feedback opportunities and a sneak peek of a ChipX interface.

The ChipMunks, along with our Investors, are the first Chip savers to get sneak peeks of new features. As savvy savers they are always looking for ways to make their money go that little bit further. ChipX is our returns engine which will enable our savers earn up to 8% returns on their savings. Have a look at the type of insights our ChipMunks are invited to look at and offer feedback on.

How do we know we if our ChipMunks are happy? We ask them. This is just a simple example of letting our Communities keep us motivated, transparent and hard working.

By joining ChipMunks you’ll also be kept up to date with other transparency exercises, like Live Q&A’s, reports on beta testing and press releases about us.

The ChipMunk Facebook and Slack pages are always busy with amazing feedback and thoughts. We also know that our savers are busy people who may not have time to trawl through every comment and response we give on these busy platforms.

Thats why we like to create simple, transparent posts for those of you who want to be kept up with what we do, without feeling like your losing any time. After all, these savings aren’t gonna spend themselves, are they?

Being a community is important to us. But so are those individual friendships. Our ChipMunks were the first people to learn about Chip 2.0 Goals feature, which helps you save money alongside another Chip user. Sound like a useful, fun and easier way to motivate yourself to save money? Have a look here.

Everyone loves having a say in new stuff. That’s why we went to our ChipMunks to help us design a new logo. We think its pretty cool. Have a look at what we wrote.