Your survey responses, answered…

Thanks for taking the time to answer our survey. We hope we can get you saving soon!

We’ve answered the biggest pain points below. There are some things we can’t do much about right away. But we’ll get to work. 🛠️

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Your bank is not supported 🏛️

This was by far the most common response, it's a shame so many of you are missing out! 

Monzo and Starling coming soon (no, really!) 🙌

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be connecting with Monzo and Starling in the coming weeks! There'll be a detailed update on this very soon. 

Unfortunately, if you bank with either M&S, Smile or Clydesdale, it might take a little bit longer. But watch this space!

Not taking over the world just yet 🌍

Finally, for all of our international fans, thanks for the interest, but sadly we don’t have plans to operate outside of the UK, yet. We’ll take over the world someday though… 


Online banking login struggles 📱

OK, so there’s only so much we can do about this for now. We’re aware it’s a bit of a sticking point for lots of you. 

We cover the nitty gritty of how to connect with most banks in our in-app Help Centre, but we're going to keep working on this. 

Live chat 💬

If you think something’s going wrong, it’s always worth heading into Live Chat, emailing, or dropping us a direct message on Twitter or Facebook

Our customer success team reply pretty promptly between 8am and 6pm Monday-Friday.


Worries about having enough money to save 💸

Chip is for everyone! No matter how much (or how little) money you have. 

In fact, Chip is probably at its best when helping people who don’t think they could save money. 

The AI won't leave you out of pocket

Chip’s AI is smart enough to transfer small chunks of money you won’t miss. It should never leave you unable to meet any of your regular payments.

Same day transfers 🏃

With the latest update you can transfer money between Chip and your bank account on the same (working)day. So if you need your money in a hurry, you can get it. 


Concerns around security 🔒

There were a fair few of you who highlighted some concerns with security, so we thought we’d just go over some of the stuff that came up.

Data security

A couple of you were worried about the security of your data. 

So, just to reiterate we don't store your banking connection data and it's kept encrypted (so even if Chip, or your bank was hacked, your data is inaccessible). 

And connecting your bank with Chip doesn’t invalidate any of your bank’s security.

FSCS protection 

We’re not protected by the government's Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), and we understand why that might worry some of you. 

However, in the unlikely event that we go out of business you will be able to reclaim your money. 

We’re not a bank, so we’ll never use your money for trading activities, your money will always be held under your name.

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Read more…📚

Take a look at our ‘how Chip works’ guide, or read our FAQs to find out more. Or if you’re really keen, our terms and conditions pages go into all the detail you’d ever want to know.


Chip 2.0 - Chip's hot new look 🔥

We've given Chip a makeover, we think you'll like it. But we've done much more than just give things a lick of paint!

Read all about the most secure version of our app here.


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