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As ChipMunks, you are our greatest advocates. A community of 8,000+ savers passionate about Chip.

You share stories and spread the word, it’s amazing. But we had a thought… do we give you the opportunity to share Chip on a wider scale? Probably not.

That’s why we are launching the Chip Ambassador programme.

Whether you’re a professional financial blogger, a saver with a story to tell or just want to earn a return for sharing Chip, this is an opportunity for you.

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You will be paid £5 for every referral you generate…straight in to your Chip account.

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Whether it was a holiday, an overdraft, a night out or just a feeling of financial stability, becoming a Chip Ambassador gives you the platform to share your success and help others with their financial lives. If writing isn’t your thing, give us your best shot and we will help polish it up.

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