Welcome to the inaugural Chakathon.

Each team will start working at specifically 2pm with a finish line of 10pm.


Team “Off The Old Block”

Alex (design) , Harry F (marketing), Jason (Data), Tali (product), Martin (FE), Andy (BE)

Team “Fish &”

Harry W (design), Tom (marketing), Wendy (data) Simon (product), Adam (FE), Arvids (BE)

Team “Intel”

Liam (design), Paul (marketing), Shiv (data), Jeff (product), Labs (FE), Alan (BE)

Your mission:

Each team will be judged on the following brief:

“Leveraging a customers bank transaction data, within the Chip 2.0 ecosystem, build a feature that has enough desirability that customers would pay something for it.

It must be commercially viable, technically feasible, and scalable for long term growth.

Output from each team:

  • MVP prototype (as good as you can) within the Chip 2.0 ecosystem.

  • Landing page hosted on Squarespace asking for signups.

  • Fake press release to TechCrunch

  • Calculations showing commercial scalability & feasibility.

All 18 of us will then vote for our favourite. The top two will get sent to Chip Investor & marketing agency owner Dominic Benton, Chip Investor & Head of Innovation at Legal & General Martijn Moerbeek, & the best office manager in the world Dana Toldedano.

There will be copious amounts of redbull, beer & pizza.

Good luck! Stay scrappy.