I haven’t received my investor bonus

If we’ve made a mistake by not adding your investment % bonus, help us out by filling in the sheet below. Make sure you read the information first though, it’s important! 🚀

As long as you filled in the investor reward sheet before Monday 28 January and still have not received your investor bonus please fill in the sheet below.

We may not have been able to add the bonus for a number of reasons:

  • You did not invest over £300 in the most recent investment round.

  • You put in a phone number that isn’t linked to your Chip account.

  • You used a different email on Crowdcube than your Chip account.

  • You missed the Monday 28 January deadline.

Please make sure you fill in the request form below correctly as this is your last chance to claim your bonus rate. You may only fill in this form once.

If any person who is not an investor or has already received the investment bonus tries to fill in this form, they risk losing all bonuses added to their Chip account…and none of us want that.

Name *
Please format the number as shown: +447712765432