All about Chip 2.0

Chip is about to get a sexy new look. You might already have it, or it’ll be coming your way very soon.

We’ve called the makeover ‘Chip 2.0’. The new design not only looks good, but makes it very easy for us to add great new features.

Existing savers - your Chip account balance, your bonus and goals will all move over smoothly. New savers- welcome to the future.


What’s new? 🎉

We’ve made a few changes we think you’ll like.


New user interface

We have redesigned the colour and layout of the app to make it a bit more slick and easy to use. It is a little different to the old chatbot, but we’ve kept a lot of the Chip you know and love.

Same day saves

You can now connect your debit card to Chip, which means saves will now be moved into your account on the same more ‘pending’ time.

Manual saves will hit your Chip account instantly, faster than you can say ‘manual save'.

Activity feed and graph

As part of the redesign you can now see your entire Chip activity history on the drop down menu on the top right of the ‘Chat’ screen. There’s a graph to show your save history, so you can track your progress more easily.


The old favourites 🍫

Of course, you will still be able to use all the features you know and love from the old version Chip.


Automatic saving

We know this is what you’re here for. You will still be notified at 9am and have until 4pm to cancel it. After this, the automatic save will hit your Chip account
straight away.

You can manage your automatic savings level in ‘settings’ under your profile tab. Just pick a level between 1-5 depending on how ambitious you’re feeling.

Manual saving

These work just like before (only much faster if you connect your card - see ‘same day saves’ above ☝️). Just head over to the manual saving tab and enter how much you’d like to add to your Chip balance.

You can make six manual saves a month, and save up to £100 each time.

Bonus rate and referring friends

Your bonus rate won’t be affected. You can find your current bonus rate in your profile tab.

If you know someone you think would enjoy Chip, you can also send them a message from here, or share your referral code.

Same day withdrawals

We’ve not tampered with the withdrawal mechanism, so if it’s time to splash the cash you can still get your money back on the same day.

Tap the ‘withdraw’ button before 2pm on a working day and the money will land back in your current account the same day. Tap it on a weekend or after 2pm, and it’ll be the next working day.

Goals (including all goals from before the update)

You can now make and manage goals on the new goals tab. And your existing goals will move with you to Chip 2.0.

We hope you like the pictures we’ve added.