2.0 Feedback Survey

Hi Beta testers,

I'm Jeff, Product Manager at Chip, and I'm responsible for making sure Chip 2.0 is valuable for our users.

We can learn a lot from our data but it’s also vitally important to hear individual feedback reports. This way, we really get to grips with how you use our product, what you like and what we can improve.

The developers and I have been reading (and fixing!) your bug reports and suggestions on JIRA, which have been very useful. Please continue to feedback via that platform. We are using this form to get some more general usability feedback aside from bugs.

I’ve been reliably informed that some users will get a pack of Chip stickers for filling in the form…I’ve got some and love them.

Please give as much feedback as possible as it really will make a difference going forward.

Thanks in advance,


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